Ab-729 Trial, should I join?

Hi Ecky,

You have commented on what appears to be a persistent but intermittent dry cough. This cough may be a sign of ABI-729 induced inflammation in your lungs. These kinds of side effects have never been reported to be serious with siRNA and resolve after therapy is removed so there is no real cause for concern. As I mentioned previously, this should be reported during your monitoring visits.

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@availlant ,
Thank you for your reply, knowing that the dry cough I have is nothing really serious it’s a relief for me!

All the best!

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is this trial happening in UK

I guess it is not happening in UK.
Here are the locations :point_down:

Update - I found out for the first time yesterday that my quantitative HbsAg is 3,325 iu/ml. I think my level is a little high, but still under the 5,000 iu/ml for the trial criteria. I’m waiting on a few more labs and test results to come in before trial starts. Does anyone have any further information on trial in relation to HbsAg quant? I’m HbeAg negative, Genotype A, and have been on Tenofovir since 2016. Thanks!

Dear @3kids4me , thank you for keeping us updated.
Have you were given the quantitative results of HBsAg and genotype from your trial participation or you done them by yourself?

Here are my HBsAg results since I started to check the quantity of it and participating in two trials, then started taking TDF. I have to repeat the HBsAg test in October. I’ll keep you updated with the results.
Speaking of which, last Wednesday I had my third injection of Ab-729 and I have only a really small bruise which is expected to happen. Also I don’t know if being sleepy after the injection is related or not to the medication but I am so sleepy after injection and I sleep very well the first nights. I have to mention that I have no problems with sleeping at all, but after the injection I sleep even better, this is not a problem for me , more over it’s a good thing :grin:.

Back to the quantitative results of HBsAg.

September 2020: 4634,00 (screening for my first trial)
05 May 2021: 2173,47 (my preferred laboratory)
May 2021: 1401,00 (first screening of second trial)
Anti-HBs 2 IU/L

June 2021: 980,00 (second screening)
10 September 2021: 9116,00 (different laboratory, I was shocked seeing this result, then I decided to repeat is at a laboratory I usually do it)
28 September 2021: 2050,00 (my preferred laboratory before starting taking TDF)

April 2022: 1650,33 (my preferred laboratory after 6 months of TDF)

Looking forward to seeing the results after one year of TDF and plus about 21 weeks with AB-729.

Christ’s blessings!

Hello Ecky!

Thanks for the update also and it’s comforting to know you are doing well with the medication!

Is your HbsAg quantitative in the same format as mine (see attached)? From what I understand, the study is looking for HbsAg quant 100 iu/ml-5,000 iu/ml? Lower levels are better for immune control, so I was a little bummed with the 3,325 iu/ml. I know results can also have different reporting mathematical amounts (some will report in logs or copies which then can be mathematically calculated to iu/ml). So, I’m interested in how yours is reported.

The attached labs are from the possible trial. Before this, I have not been able to get any HbsAg quantitative because this is not routinely done in the USA, unlike other countries. So, I have no idea what my starting baseline before Tenofavir was started. This is one reason I was curious to see about the study, knowing I would find missing pieces to the puzzle from what I cannot find in a commercial routine laboratory.

I had to do more labs the other day, which you will see from the pending/cancelled. I think overall it looks pretty much like a go though. I know from prior labs before Tenofavir was started I’m genotype A and of course HbeAg negative by now. I will be 48 next month and had HBV presumably from birth from prematurity and transfusion. I also was a very sick kid, so somehow acquired this very young.

Keep me posted and praying for a continued great progression for you!

One more question Ecky,

When did you start taking the AB-729 and TDF? Is so interesting to see all of your HbsAg quants!

@3kids4me , the HBsAg format is the same IU/ml, I forgot to mention that.

It’s interesting that you were given the quantitative of HBsAg at the screening plus some other results. I’m just curious about my quantitative HBsAg predose or at least at screening and my other results, so I’ll ask If I can have them.

At the screening I was given only the results like these from the link

Regarding your question,
I’m at the beginning of week 17 on AB-729 but on TDF nearly 11 months, I was on TDF for 7 months when I started AB-729 (Day 1).

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I too would be wanting to see results of my tests. I always ask for copies with all of my medical and the trial coordinator knew I’ve been wanting to know my qHbsAg. Please keep me updated and I will also. Continued blessings! Kristin


I heard that Genotype A can become negative with intereferon.
Good luck

Thank you, I hope so! I have read that, but not sure with my HbeAg negative and HbsAg being 3,325?

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are you on intereferon

No, but part of the AB-729 trial has interferon as part of the study.

what dose of intereferon they give

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