A video that I thought might be helpful, check-it out

H everyone,
A colleague shared this video with me and I thought it might help others, so I want to share it. Hopefully, it provides inspiration to anyone that might be feeling down, alone and not knowing what to do. Enjoy. Thanks, Bansah1.


Hi @Bansah1,

Thanks for posting this video. Although this video is about Rare Diseases, the fundamentals of it are relevant to many of the forum members here and for what HepBcommunity stands for.

The video talks about the uncertainty many of those with a rare disease face, the search for a solution and the feeling of isolation.

Great takeaways from this video are:

  • Be proactive (look at reliable resources and be weary of Dr. Google)
  • This [disease] does not define you.
  • Make peace with the uncertainty.
  • Build a team with your family, friends and healthcare professionals.
  • Most of all, live your life.

Thanks again for this video. I hope anybody who sees this video will empowered by its message.


Exactly Sumaya, there are some similarities between the two. The lessons shared can be applied when tackling any health challenge (s). You share some great points/insights. At least for me it gave some added support to what I am already doing.

Thank you for taking the time to watch the video. I am a bit surprised that others didn’t find it useful. Best, Bansah1.