When to discontinue chronic hep b treatment

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Just a small clarification for the people watching this thread.

NUCs are not broken down in the kidney, but they are eliminated from the body in the urine. The kidneys drive this process by removal (filtration) of NUCs from the blood. The movement of NUCs from the filtration apparatus of the kidney into the urine is occurring at a constant rate which is independent of the NUC dose.

In rare cases, the active dose of certain NUCs (ETV and TDF NOT TAF) required for effective suppression of HBV infection can lead to an accumulation of these NUCs in the kidney which alters kidney function. This alteration of kidney function can be effectively managed by dose reduction of these NUCs under the supervision of a qualified physician. This dose reduction allows the movement of these NUCs from the kidney to the urine to catch up and lower kidney concentrations, restoring normal kidney function. There is no evidence of actual damage to the kidney with these NUCs.

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Please, does these drugs later come back to hunt the kidney? I’ve been seeing people talk about kidney now. Please, it’s unclear, could you please explain.

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As mentioned by @availlant in the above post, change in kidney function is very rare. It is also easily managed by switching medications or altering dosage before any damage actually occurs. The drugs used for HBV (such as entecavir and tenofovir) are very safe. I myself have taken tenofovir every day for many years and have had no trouble with it so far.

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Hi catcher 007
I too have high cholesterol. I tried everything to lower my cholesterol unsuccessfully.
My doctor said high cholesterol can be hereditary. So, I take a tablet daily to lower the chance of a heart attack.
I also take an antiviral because I have HBV.
I do not want to get liver cancer.
If your liver is ok it doesn’t need a rest from one tablet a day. That tablet is a life saver. It’s stopping liver cancer and death.
Specially since liver cancer runs in the family.
Many people have stopped taking their one tablet a day, maybe they aren’t around to reply to you, dead, or are too sick.
I am very grateful this medication is available otherwise I probably would be dead or laying in hospital waiting for a liver transplant.
I hope you find some peace
And keep us informed