Virtual meet-up session- September

Hi all,

Thought it might be good to start setting up the next virtual meeting a bit further in advance. I’ve put it in the morning Australian time so that a few more people from the US might be able to join.

Same deal as last time, put your name as your username if you want to join:



Dear all,

Seems like there isn’t a really good time for many people to attend this meet-up session for this month. How about I push back to next month to see if a better time suits?

Are there particular times people are free (or not free)? It would be helpful to get a sense of who wants to come and the times they can make it.


Hi Thomas,

Isn’t that what the Doodle poll is for? Are you able to see if there are more people checking it and not voting, or is there just not many people even looking at the poll? Is there a way to ‘pin’ it on hepbcommunity where it becomes more natural for people to check each month and vote?

For example, if 10 people checked the poll and only 5 voted, then that’s a bit more reasonable than if 100 people went to the poll and only 5 voted. Then that would really show that the time frames aren’t meshing with most people. You probably can’t see how many people are accessing the poll though, only how many are voting?

I was waiting to get my first meeting under my belt before I started the one for the U.S. time zone. Maybe we can get enough people to go to this one just to get things started so we can start having one meeting on each side of the world starting October. That way, we could each focus the time frames more appropriately and possibly get more people involved.

I really don’t want to start hosting them until I do at least one with you and get the procedure down. I know it’s not that complex, but I am hesitant to just jump in head first.



Hi @PuallyHBV,

Yes that’s what the doodle poll is for but I have pre-determined some of the times during the week that would work for me. Maybe there are other ones that people would like to have available instead. I don’t know how many people are visiting it, only the number of people voting.

I can pin it, that’s not a problem.

Yes, I am happy to organise and run the October one, just wanted to make sure enough people came to make it worthwhile for everyone and have a strong conversation happening.


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