Stopping treament after 3 year for loseing sAg loss - your thoughts?

What is your thoughts for stopping treament after 3 years for have the best chance for loseing sAg loss?

I saw the Echo Session 16 when people from Taiwan stoppede treatment after 3 years, 36% lost sAg over 6 years.

I know is a risk of getting a flare up, but what do you all think about this?

A lot of research has been conducted recently about stopping treatment to induce HBsAg loss. Probably the best predictor at the moment is HBsAg levels - the lower this is at the time of stopping, the more likely you are to lose HBsAg. A quantitative HBs assay might be worth getting to determine your chances.

If you are thinking about doing this, please make the decision with your doctor and make sure you are getting the appropriate monitoring during the process.

Hope this helps,

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Hello Thomas.

As you may know im stil wating for my doctor to make a Hep B test…

mean while im exploring the world of Hep b, and after I saw this I wanted to know if any one in this group tried this?. If it comes to it, I will try this, ofc with close work with the doctor and the right monitoring, but before that can happen Hep B levels need to be Undetected and so on.