READ ME FIRST: Forum golden rules

First of all, welcome to Hep B Community!

Our forum is focussed on allowing people affected by Hepatitis B to easily find information, understanding, and connection. Here you will find others living with Hepatitis B (as well as scientists, clinicians, and other health providers) who can give trustworthy advice and help you navigate any problems you might be facing due to chronic Hep B. If you’re feeling lost, overwhelmed, or just want to understand a bit more what it is like living with Hepatitis B, then we warmly invite you to join our community.

Note: we are not a substitute for seeing your health care professional! The opinions shared in this forum do not constitute medical advice nor in any way substitute for it. We also do not specifically promote any particular mode of treatment. We recognise that different treatments are appropriate for the different needs, wishes, and situations of different people.

How we’re supported
Moderators and administrators run this forum as a volunteer service. We’re all just passionate about helping people with Hepatitis B.

Our forum server costs are currently financially supported by the Storr Liver Centre based at the Westmead Institute for Medical Research and Westmead Hospital, Australia.

How can I help out?

  • The most helpful thing you can do is participate in the conversations. Help foster our community by learning and teaching through being open to and sharing information.
  • If you are in the financial position to do so, please consider donating to support our costs:
    • Australians can donate here to support this site. Donations are processed by the Westmead Hospital Foundation (an ACNC registered charity) and are tax-deductible.
    • If you are based in the US, please visit the Hep B Foundation donation page. The Hepatitis B Foundation is a US 501( c )3 nonprofit organization and donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

I have just registered. What do I do?

  1. Read and abide by our community rules and terms of service. Basically, treat this forum as a public space (like a park).

  2. Don’t wreck the core function of this forum, which is to support people affected by hep B with accurate trustworthy information. This means the following the rules below:

    • No advertising, particularly of unfounded supplements or “cures”.
    • No providing advice outside of your expertise.
    • No discrimination (sexism, racism, etc.) or judgement.
    • No doxxing (revealing someone’s personal information/identity).
    • No illegal stuff
    • No comments or behaviour that are (or can be reasonably interpreted to be) abusive, violent, threatening, derogatory, vulgar, sexist, or racist.
    • No polarising political chat (there is enough overtly polarising political chat in the world already and we want everyone to feel welcome here)
    • No spam
    • Impersonation
      Contravention of any of these will be grounds for suspension or banning.
  1. Learn how to use the forum and its privacy functions. On registering you will get a personal message from @discobot (our helpful forum robot) labelled “Greetings”; you can access this by clicking the numbered circle in the top right hand corner. Follow the instructions for a short tutorial of the forum’s functions.

  2. Read the introduction thread for affected community or experts. After you get a sense of who is here, don’t be shy and introduce yourself!

  3. Read the other topics and join in the conversation. You are now part of this community: help build it, foster it, and maintain it.

  4. Respond appropriately to posts (including ones that say things you don’t like). Start new threads for new topics of conversation and try to stay generally on theme in a given thread.

We hope you enjoy this forum!