Pre-S mutation and potential treatment

I’ve recently been diagnosed with pre-S mutated variant of the virus. Particularly, I’ve been able to produce HBsAb for months, but my HBsAg level stay high, and my HBV DNA increased after I stopped taking TAF.

Currently there are many types of treatment in trials. I wonder if there has been any data on their effectiveness against pre-S mutant?

May I ask, why would you stop taking ONE tablet a day, when it can stop you from dying young and a painful death?
Forgive me if I have offended you.

It was my (specialist) doctor decision. Prompted by consistent generation of HBsAb, which would have cured most people. Unfortunately I got the variant which is resistance to it.

Interesting! Unfortunately I have no answer to your questions.
Relieved to hear you are under a specialist.
We have some wonderful professional experts on this forum who will answer your questions soon.
Where do you live?

My daughter also has the pre-S mutation and at one point was producing substantial antibodies. Many months later they disappeared. Her specialist’s guess was she had other mutations and one may have seroconverted causing a temporary spike in her sAB. She is still eAG+ and eAB-. I wish there was a good answer!

Hi @apatient,

Great questions!

I’m not sure much research has been done with pre-S mutants and treatment response to upcoming therapeutics, but I think it will definitely become an important topic as more drugs come out that drive functional cure. This is because when you develop drugs like this, you’re always afraid of resistance (which Pre-S mutants could represent).

I think in the meantime, it’s worthwhile to consider continuing treatment until there is HBsAg loss.