Possible side-effects from antiviral therapy

Working out or exercising is the easy part. You just have to show up for an hour or two a day and just move your body, whether it’s lifting weights, walking or whatever to get off the chair.

The hard part is rest of the day, eating right or not eating at all. Food companies spend $$$$$ on getting the consumers addicted to their products. They have the best of the best working to make you buy and keep buying their processed foods.

Most people eat less than 20g of protein, while consuming 100g of processed carbs and sugars.

The crazy part is if we didn’t have hepatitis b, we wouldn’t have to worry about what our liver can take or not. Because the potential damage the virus can have on our liver, we have to keep our liver in top top shape.


@NeptuneJ you are absolutely right. I have to remind myself that eating healthy and avoiding junk is another type of self control exercise that is more important than walking and weights I do. It’s tough but I am working on it. I am hoping to keep good eating habits that can help me in later years as well