Nucleic acid polymers (NAPs): targeting subviral particles to acheive HBV functional cure

@availlant so you may be short on cash for future development ? Do you plan eg. stock market public offer to gain some funds ? Or there are some investors on the horizon ?

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Hi @ Sorte,

I do appreciate your question and concern. Hopefully you will understand that these kinds of questions simply cannot be answered.

Rest assured the development of NAPs continues…

Best regards,

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These are not ethical questions!!
I am a member here… I do believe there lot of resources and info in this forum regarding NAPs… please search the forum before ask questions…

My two darn cents!!

Availant: of course I understand :slight_smile: thanks for sincere answer.
Nass: In my opinion my questions were normal questions who people concerned about most promising therapy may ask. Unfortunately money is important.
Also you don’t need to delete your posts, I’m not offended easily :wink:

To the entire HepB Community forum,

With my involvement in the HepB Community forum, I knew there would inevitably be questions about NAPs like “Why is it taking so long?” and “Can you continue the development of NAPs?” and “What about fundraising?”.

There have been a lot of promises from KOLs and from the industry regarding the potential of different approaches for HBV cure and of course a great deal of frustration in the community following the failures of these therapies. Is therefore very reasonable to get questions like the above from community members.

I appreciate the support of members like @Nass but I also appreciate questions from members like @sorte (which I also take as a form of support and concern). I want all community members to feel comfortable asking any kind of question regarding NAPs. This is an important part of the the process of communicating with the community about NAPs and the obvious delays in the development of NAPs.

I will provide direct answers when I can and take no offense.

Best regards to all,


@availlant thanks :slight_smile: I like it and I’m really grateful for detailed and open (as possible of course) communication. It makes Replicor look different in positive way from other companies.

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