New Drugs to cure Hep B?

This is a good observation, @Bonzai123. @john.tavis has given great insight as someone in the research field for a long time, particularly during that period in which you’re talking about.

Just to add onto the effect of the HBV vaccine slowing down research for a Hep B cure, I think HIV research also did the same. As HIV drugs (nucleos/tide analogues such as lamivudine, clevudine, tenofovir, etc.) were found to lower the Hep B replication, liver inflammation and disease progression, this also lowered the drive of the field to try to find a cure (particularly when there was this very new and deadly HCV just discovered). Back then, the priorities (and funding) shifted because it was felt that we at least had some control for Hep B patients.

But now we know a lot more about Hep B and now have chances to finally cure the infection. Scientists are a lot more hopeful and can better see how important this is to patients. This is due to a major part to advocacy at various levels and in countries across the world. Many individual Hep B scientists never stopped working on HBV, but now they are better resourced to do what they do best and can then attract more students/staff to work for them on this important topic.



@ThomasTu @john.tavis thank you both for your responses. I have my first appointment with my specialist next Tuesday and I am very nervous to see my levels and whether there is damage to my liver. Reading your responses to the the myriad of questions from others on this forum has been very helpful to me. Knowing that there is a concentrated effort and potential timelines for better therapies and maybe one day a cure for this disease makes it easier to get up each day. Thank you for your research and diligent efforts.



Did anyone amongst us join the workshop on 30th Nov organised by ANRS for progress made so far on HBV cure? Is there a transcript available? @Joan_Block @ThomasTu @john.tavis

Also, from the twitter handle of TherVacB I understand clinical trials are starting from July 2022. It seems very promising but there are no centers in South East Asia. It is a bit disappointing as after getting to know my status I have been hearing about a lot of infected people around me. I hope the trials become successful in Europe and are soon launched in India and Nepal also.

Many thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, it was too late for me. Hopefully there will be a recording available soon.


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Thanks @ThomasTu … I read your interview with Gavi. With champions like you we have more and more people talking about the virus. Cheers!

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Sorry but shouldn’t be generic entecavir and Baraclude the same?
I switched from Baraclude to generic some months ago and interested to know if they both have the same suppression efficacy and side effects.

Hi Chersich,
I assume the generic medicine should be the as same as the name brand. However, I was not tolerant well with generic, so I switch back to Baraclude. I am taking Baraclude for more than 10 years now. Alt maintain low and undetectable DNA for a long time too.

Yes, the active ingredient is the same in both cases.