Just introducing myself and my CHB

Hello everyone,
I am 63y old male originally from Poland and living in USA for half of my life. First time I was diagnosed with HBV about 2 years ago on my regular blood work from my Family doctor. After my blood work from GI doctor, I was told that I am a (CHB) and most likely I was infected at my childhood in Poland. I really appreciate this opportunity to read so much on this forum and to be able to participate. I will describe my case in more details as I will learn more how to use this forum correctly. I have a few important questions related to my HBV case and I am sure I will get some good answers for them here from this Community.


Hi @CADman ,

Welcome to the community! Good to have you aboard and good job on taking the initiative to read the forums. We look forward to hearing more of your story and your questions.



Welcome to the community. There is so much helpful information here and so many people who will help you navigate.

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