Is Cure coming in future?

Dear @void,

We are working to make REP 2139-Mg available as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I cannot comment on timelines.



I recently came accross Tune Therapeutics and their approach towards curing Hep B. It says :“Tune Therapeutic’s lead candidate TUNE-401 can epigenetically silence all forms of hep B”.

Preclinical data looks promising and they plan commence with clinical trials by end of 2024.

What are the thoughts on this approach?

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Hi Eddy,

In my opinion, this could be a great addition to our existing approaches. Indeed, a couple of other groups are also pursuing this (Chroma, and Epigenix). It uses a process that is already used by the body during clearance of acute HBV infection (cccDNA silencing) and ramps it up. I am hoping that it shows some activity in patients too.