Iron ferritin levels with hep b

@Joan_Block @HealthExperts @ThomasTu @john.tavis this is interesting :thinking:what would be thoughts on this study.

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Hi Eddie,

To me, this shows that people with very severe liver disease (advanced fibrosis or cirrhosis) have worse ability to process iron and it builds up in the liver cells.

There seems to be quite a change in iron markers in the blood in HBV-positive patients. Whether this is harmful or not isn’t really answered by this study because it wasn’t set up to show cause and effect.



Also note that iron metabolism is very complex and can be affected by many other things, which raises confounding variables is such comparative studies. This is an interesting piece of work that may well reflect the overall damage occurring to the liver from HBV (the liver is a big player in iron metabolism). However, I personally would not place huge emphasis on it until it is replicated in a different patient cohort, just due to the complexities of such studies and of iron regulation in the body.