Intereferon Hep-D

How often to check the LFTs while being on Intereferon.

If there is little flare of the LFTs like jump from 45 to 65, does it indicate a good sign or its too small

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Dear Suresh,

Testing intervals < 6 months apart and preferably < 1 month apart are better to capture ALT flares and their maxima. Clinical data from pegIFN or pegIFN + NAPs has shown that the stronger the flare, the more likely HBsAg loss (and functional cure) will occur. These ALT flares are typically > 10X the upper limit of normal.

I would be encouraged by any ALT flare (which is host mediated) but minor elevations like the ones you are describing are not associated with HBsAg loss.

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when to expect flare? during start, middle or end of treatment? treatment is 48 weeks

Hi Suresh786,

In the majority of cases, flares come within the first 24 weeks of therapy but can also occur later on as well. Some flares normalize quickly and others are protracted.

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