Immunotherapeutic Activity

Hi, to all questions for the experts and people in the medical field I have been on antiviral drugs for 4 months now last I check my hepatitis b viral load and hepatitis B DNA was on 01/25/22

My results were
10 IU/ML

HEP B virus DNA
<1.00 IU/ML

My Hepatologist says this is a significant drop, a Dr from UCLA asked if want to do a clinical trial next year 2023 immunotherapeutic activity to boost my immune system to see if I can clear the virus. My question is is it safe to do immunotherapeutic does it come with any risks?

Hi @Edward,

Congratulations on your low HBV DNA results. It’s great to see and is linked to better health outcomes.

Regarding your question about immunotherapeutics and clinical trials, it’s difficult to provide any information given we don’t know what the specific immunotherapeutic is. However, with any properly run clinical trial, you will be given an information pack or brochure that should explain all the possible risks in easy to understand language. You should read this carefully before agreeing to anything.

Hope this helps,

Thanks, Thomas will do

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