Im scared and Hopeless. Please enlighten me 🥺

Dr. @ThomasTu , @john.tavis, @Joan_Block @availlant pls. enligten me.:pleading_face:

I was diagnosed year 2019, and I took Tenofovir 1 month only and stoped, because I did not like the little discomfort I felt while taking the meds. I stoped because the doctor did not educate me the importance of continuing the medication. Poor people living with hepb in the Philippines, some doctors have no heart for this disease.:pleading_face:

My questions are:

  1. Once I stoped the medication, even I took medication for 1 month only, will it multiply the virus rapidly?

  2. Is it too late for me to continue medication, and I could not stop the virus anymore?

  3. Is it 100% no chance to lower or suppress the viral load, since I have stoped the medication 3 years ago?


Dear iamjen,

Here are the answers to your questions:

  1. Taking TDF for one month will have had a moderate impact on reducing the viral replication (it typically takes 3-6 months for viral replication to be efficiently suppressed. Once you stopped taking TDF, very likely the viral replication returned to the level before you started treatment with a few months.

  2. If you start TDF again, it will work very well to suppress the viral replication.

  3. It does not matter how long ago you took your TDF. Starting it again will be a very effective way to suppress the replication of the virus and control your liver disease.

Hope this helps.


Andrew is absolutely right. You can re-start Tenofovir and it will work just fine, and your re-started treatment will not be hurt by your brief prior therapy. It is a really good drug taken by millions of people, so it should help you. It is very important to take drugs like tenofovir (called nucleoside analogs) exactly as prescribed by your doctor because otherwise the virus will increase its replication level in your body, and that could harm your health.

I wish you the very best.