Husband with acute Hepatitis B

E X C E L L E N T news Samantha! Congratulations.

Your husband needs to have continually undetectable HBsAg (HBsAg negative) for 6 months (confirmed by at least two tests) before TDF can be safely removed.

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I want to thank everyone here! All of you are a Godsend. The factual information I have received here made it possible to fight for my husbands health and to fight with the insurance company over the bills.
I pray for those in this group who are struggling. We have to stick together and give each other hope and strength. That is what held me together through the worst of this. <3


The reason for the HepB Community personified!


My husband of 38 yrs was just diagnosed in Oct 22 as well. He is on Kidney Dialysis and contracted the virus while hospitalized :smiling_face_with_tear: The dialysis clinic failed to vaccinate him!
He has been sick for 5 months with nausea, fatigue and body aches. We live in California.
If you ever want to chat about your situation, I would be open to it. We have nobody to talk to about it.
I have lots of questions etc.
Prayers and concern for you both

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My husband is finally on the upside thanks to antivirals. It has been a long and hard road. I am more than happy to chat and answer any questions I can. I know how hard it is and how wonderful it is to get real answers and just have some one to talk to who won’t judge you or the situation! This group is amazing and I can say they will help you in anyway they can.


Well, my husbands latest test results are in and they have decided to take him off of the TDF antivirals. His Hepatitis B Surface, Antibody - 69.8 mIU/mL and his ALT and AST are still in the normal range. He is finally feeling like his old self again. It was a long, scary road to get here, but I am glad he made it to the other side.

Now that his body is producing antibodies, he shouldn’t have to worry so much.


Great to hear, @SamanthaMech! I hope the worst is now all behind you, but that you still stick around to provide that hope for others in similar situations.