How to know you have been cured of Hepb?


So what test indicated that you have been cured of Hepb ? Is it the HbsAg test , it should be negative ?

When on medication the viral load can be low or undectable but HbsAg will be positive if the virus is still there ?

I have heard some clear the virus naturally after many years of being chronic hepb ?

Just verifying.


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Exactly… But we are not one of them?

Maybe if it shows you have anti bodies. Other than that, I m guess low count even undetectable without anti bodies would still be infected.

The general consensus in the field for the definition of a cure is HBsAg-negative (and, for some definitions, Anti-HBs-positive).

Correct, there is still virus in the liver in this case. But with low virus in the blood, the risk of transmission is very low and liver damage is usually less likely to happen.

Yes, about 1% of people with chronic HBV infection clear the virus naturally per year.