How have you dealt with discrimination because of your HBV status?

HI all,

I’ve lived my whole life in China. was diagnosed 30 years ago and now I’m approaching 44. I would say 20-25 years ago or even before that there were a lot of discriminations against HBV. Like one poster mentioned above the job employment restrictions. But things have been greatly improved over the past 20 years. Many discriminations being removed.

Personally I think I was discriminated on two occasions: health checks for university entry 27 years ago and first job. On both occasions nothing happened really. Just a fear that I may get rejected because back then the government did not officially ban the discrimination measures (I may be wrong about this statement though). Since then I haven’t encountered any discrimination at all. But I didn’t volunteer my condition either, which I guess may be seen as not completely free of discrimination.

All is just my personal experience. China has a vast population that I cannot say for others who may get a lot of discriminations.

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Dear @bloke,

That’s great to hear that China has changed a lot. I have heard some reports from others that discrimination occurs, but it’s good to see that there’s improvements.

Dee Lee at Inno works a lot with HBV-based discrimination in work places in China, so if anyone is experiencing it, they would be a good place to go to:


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Actual i deal with stigma my one principal “The only way to fight phobia is to be exposed on it” i started to take easy and making people believed that im like, slowly people adapted and ateast stigma diminished


Hi Theo,

I am glad I find your post here. I am in Canada too, and prepare for going to a nursing program. But when I talked with my family doctor about my Hep b, she told me I can’t practice injection, caring the wounds for patients at work, which is the reality there. I feel so upset and helpless on this. If it is true as my family doctor described, i don’t know who will hire a nurse that can’t do basic things like injection. Theo, is it really so hard to get a job for a nurse with hep b here? Should I give up my study? (I really don’t wanna give up) I keep finding answers recently, but just in vain. I hope i could get some advise from you here. Thank you so much.


Hi Liz,

Please keep us informed regarding your career path.
Wishing all the best of great support


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Hi Kaipe,

I will keep you posted about it while I am progressing. I will keep my fingers crossed and wish everything will turn out to be good.


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My scholarship was cancelled in Malaysia because I was diagnosed of hepatitis b, I was sent back to my home country Sierra Leone. I lost everything and had to start all over again. The university even refused to give me my transcript so the education was useless. A church in the town had to help me with money for rent and schools fees for a year so I don’t go homeless on my return.

I was ostracized, and felt really embarrassed. I am still in university but completing this year and only my most trusted friends are aware of my illness. I feel pains in my legs and always tired. But I have faith in GOD that I will recover some day.