How do you take your daily antivirals?

Hi all, whether you eat before or after you take your vemlidy doesn’t matter. As long as you have food in your stomach before or after you take vemlidy is the important thing. This can be morning, lunch, or dinner. The key is to take it every day! Thanks, Joan

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I asked my pharmacist about how to take it today - she told me that the with food thing is really only for people who get their stomachs upset easily - according to her - no effect on the effectiveness either way - lol

not saying anybody is right or wrong but instructions do seem to differ depending on who you ask…but like Joan said…take it every day is the most consistent instruction lol

as far as the time goes…you choose the time, any time is fine - but once you choose the time you stick with that time for as long as your treatment goes for.

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Thanks Joseph for asking your pharmacist about how to take antivirals. Brilliant idea! And glad to know that I haven’t been reducing the effectiveness of TAF by taking it after I eat breakfast. Always, Joan

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I used to take in the morning, but after reading as well, it seems the absorption is better with a meal.

Hence, now I take at the end of the day.

I am on my 2nd month of entecavir treatment. I noticed the first months pills were triangular in shape, but the new shipment pills are round. Is this pretty normal? I get my medication through my insurance provider pharmacy service. I don’t have any prior experience with antiviral medication. But as an allergy sufferer, my medicine is always the same shape. Any help would be appreciated. I plan to bring this up to my liver specialist and the pharmacy as well.

Dear @Ybrownson,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for your question. Entecavir in particular is off-patent, so there are multiple companies that can make the drug as a generic. I do see off a quick google search that Entecavir can be triangular or round depending on which company makes it.

The active ingredient should be the same in either case, if you check the packaging. There is the possibility that your insurance struck a deal for this particular brand, or the pharmacist just had this one in stock. Perhaps our resident pharmacist @Patricia or other @HealthExperts could provide some advice?


Thanks Thomas, appreciate your quick feedback and all you do on this forum.

I figured that would be the case, but given me being a newbie to the treatment I wanted to see what your thoughts on the pill shape differential.

So far that i can tell my treatment is going well, I trust my specialist and hopefully this medication will help me properly manage my condition.

I am thankful to have found this community for the shared knowledge, experience and tremendous source of support.


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