How did I get the virus

I was diagnosed when I was 22 years old, I’m 23 now i just did my first ultrasound result;liver is normal,hbeag negative,hbeab positive.can it be I have the virus as child or it’s something of few years back because there’s no liver damage

Dear @Godsown,

It is difficult to know when you were infected, but the majority of people with chronic infection were infected as children. Liver damage may not occur for many decades, so this could be the case still.


Hi, @Godsown
Liver damage in many cases does not happen for many years and even decades with BHV. IT all depends on how often one’s viral load gets high and how high. If the viral replication rates are kept mostly inactive by your immune system or mostly with low activity, then you should not panic and even treatment may not be necessary as during inactive virus states there is no liver damage at all.
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Just lead a healthy life, monitor your viral loads frequently enough, consult your doctor, and live a very long and exciting life :slight_smile: