How are you dealing with COVID?

Hi JN,
I get also vaccinated , second shot Pfizer on 25 March. I just measure my viral load and it is 10 200 IU/ml. For 26 years I was keeping it under 2000. Still normal ALAT/ASAT.
Since 8 months my viral load was 13 000, then in February 21- around 7000, now is raising again. I took the vaccine in March, So my viral is slightly increase, but I cannot categorically connect to vaccine.
Just mention this. I would be interesting what would e yours, 3-4 months after vaccination?


Hope you get it rolling where you live Thomas. Thanks for the info and positive attitude, Joan.

Lili, we ll see. I was sort of on the line with should I or shouldn’t I, with the covid vaccine and messing with my hepatitis B viral loads. I figure since I got the hepatitis a vaccine couple years ago, I figure why not with this vaccine. Also, with kids being home until September(next school year), and me doing most of Costco, food shopping trips, might as get it to protect them as well as me.

No soreness after the 1st shot, but I hear that 2nd shot is where the soreness or side effects may come. As coo coo as it sounds, I m just hoping to stay positive, eat right(as much as I can lol), exercising, and no think about my CHB, I ll be ok. Fingers crossed.

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Hi NeptuneJ
I’ve just recently received the 2nd dose of the Pfizer vax and the next day was just horrendous. Firstly forgot to take Panadol before bed time so woke around 2am with a very sore arm. I have an 11 month old who woke at 3am and since then wasn’t able to go back to sleep. Later that day I experienced dizziness, severe muscle aches and pains and hot and cold chills. Taking Panadol made no difference so I added oxycodone before bed which eventually relieved the pain. The first dose didn’t really give me any side effects. But I don’t think this has anything to do with having Hep B, just that some people can get side effects…

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I agree with everyone on this post about the covid vaccine. It’s a necessary thing to do to protect ourselves, loved ones and society! With that said, I got the Moderna and had a somewhat bumpy experience after the 2nd dose. No problem with the first shot. With the 2nd shot, I woke up the next day feeling like a truck had run over me - was so achy and headachy that it was hard to stand. Stayed in bed most of the day, popping ibuprofen every 5-6 hours. By the next day I was perfectly fine. Supposedly “older people” get fewer side effects. Well I’m 62 years and was knocked out for 24 hours. But it was worth it and I was prepared. So glad you’re all doing your part to end this crazy pandemic!!! Always, Joan


Hi Joan, I had a similar reaction to 2nd shot of Moderna a month ago. I felt fatigued, muscle pain, low-grade fever that lasts about a day and a half. I am 62 years old, I am glad I did my part, and hopefully more people to get vaccines to end this terrible pandemic soon.
take care, Jo

Hi Joan,
It’s been a bit stressful but I will guess I am probably not alone on this. I got my first dose of Pfizer about a week ago. The first day was fine, but day two was when I could not do much with that hand as it was sore. I felt okay by the third day. Looking forward to getting my second dose in a few weeks time. I have heard from friends who had some negative experiences after their shots, but I still think these reactions are still better than getting covid19, not being able to breathe and landing in a hospital. It is not fun but I will take the vaccine anyday over getting the covid virus. Definitely, not something I want to toil with. Glad you both (Joan and Jo) felt better after a day or so. Sounds like Moderna gives a bit more unwanted experience compared to Pfizer. I feel lucky and thankful to all those who worked hard to make any of this possible and available to us.
Thanks, Bright.

My husband took Moderna, but he did not experience any side effects. I took Pfizer with no side effect. The most commonly reported side effects lately are headache and lymphadenitis. With the age the side effects decrease, but this does not have anything in relation with the immunity that we are building. The number of antibodies does not depend on the fact if you have reaction to the vaccination or not. For me the side reactions are connected to the cytokines response of the body. Now I am interesting for how long we will have this immunity. Beside the number of antibodies we need to consider our T cell immunity as well.

Hi all,

Just got my first dose of Pfizer. A little tired the next day, but now mostly fine a few days later.

I also found the most recent advice from the gastro society of Australia on COVID vaccinations in people with liver disease.


Congrats Thomas for joining the ranks of the vaccinated against Covid!! Glad to hear that you didn’t suffer too much from side effects. Not sure how many are from India on this forum, but for those who are, please know that we are all so distressed with the lack of medical supplies and care for those suffering from Covid. It is so terrible and distressing to read about!! Our thoughts are with all of you … always, Joan

Did anyone get sick after their shot(s)? If so, what medication did you take? I know too much Tylenol is not good, especially for the liver. But I doubt one or two will do any harm. I don’t know about Advil or other types. I ask my doctor and the response was, it should be ok, but it’s up to you type of response.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


I took a little bit of Ibuprofen (Advil) thinking that it was going to feel worse when I was getting tired, but I think it was probably not required.


Hi @NeptuneJ, just to be clear, Tylenol in and of itself is not damaging to the liver. We can take it when needed. The real danger is if it’s taken with alcohol for an extended amount of time. For example popping 2 tylenol every 4 hours over several days would be significantly toxic. I can’t recall the studies that determined specific time intervals and dosages where Tylenol was truly dangerous. But I do know that popping Tylenol occasionally (and NOT with alcohol) is safe.

With that said, I tend to choose Advil because it lasts longer - 6 hours instead of 4 hours with Tylenol. But Advil shouldn’t be taken for an extended period of time either. Both Advil and Tylenol are considered NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and if either are taken regularly over weeks can result in a GI bleed. So the best advice is always – everything in moderation, including pain and headache medicines! Always, Joan

Thanks guys for the knowledge. Going to get my second shot tomorrow and I haven’t taken any type of pain meds since I found out I was CHB (4 years).

Good luck @NeptuneJ and keep us posted on how you do! Always, Joan

Hello fellas, I’m new to this community. With regard to dealing with Covid, I’d like to know your experiences with the vaccines. What types of Covid vaccines have people here taken? For those who have had mRNA covid vaccines what side effects have you experienced? There are some claims that the mRNA may be able to be reverse transcribed into the person’s DNA because of the nature of Hep B virus. What’s your take on that. I really appreciate everyone’s thoughts/inputs!

Hi @LetsCure,

Welcome to the community and great conversation-starter.

I was able to get the pfizer vaccine and had no real side-effects at all, except maybe I was a bit tired and grumpy (though not out of the ordinary for me anyway).

Regarding the integration, the paper suggesting that was very suspect. There have since been a follow up paper that has shown that integration doesn’t happen, with a much more robust approach: and

EDIT: Corrected the links to the right papers


thank you Thomas for your dedication!

Anyone have thoughts on the 3 rd booster shots. In the US, they are start to give them out to people who are considered “at risk”. I m sure hep b is in that category

Anybody going to get it. I m thinking about it

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I’m not sure the science is firm enough to say whether a 3rd booster improves anything signifcantly or not. That said, as far as I can tell, it’s likely safe. So if you have to opportunity and the means, why not? The majority of us in Australia are struggling to get our first…


Is Hep B considered immunocompromise for the purpose of vaccination?