High total lymphocytes

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I am an inactive carrier of hepatitis B,

DNA hbsag___copy number below the limit of detection.
Hbsag________18, 24.

Since the infection I have always had high total lymphocytes (44%), 40 being the maximum reference value.
Should I be worried? My hepatologist says that I should not be alarmed, that it is not worrisome but I have been like this for 3 years.
I await your thoughts.

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Luis your doctor is right.

It is important to know that the normal reference range for any blood test is derived from taking the blood of many patients with no known disease present. While the upper limit of the “normal” range for lymphocytes from this exercise is 40%, this does not mean that having 44% means that something is wrong. There is only a small difference.

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thanks for answering me