Hepatitis make my life hell

These disease made me totally un balanced. Depression stress. Why still there is no cure? We are very much advanced in medical still unable to find cure


Dear @akshay, although there is no complete cure at this point, there are good antiviral medications available to help control hep b and prevent progression to liver cancer. I’m not sure where you are in your journey living with hep b, but many of us have gone through the different stages of anger, grief, depression upon learning that we had hep b. I was diagnosed 30 years ago and believe me those were definitely the “dark ages” of hep b management and treatment! There were no drugs then and no groups like hepbcommunity.org or the Hepatitis B Foundation which is committed to those affected through research, outreach and patient advocacy.

If you check out the Hepatitis B Foundation’s Drug Watch page you will find there are many companies working on different approaches to getting rid of the virus! Most scientists believe it will probably take a “cocktail” of at least 2 drugs to get rid of the virus rather than a single pill. But there is hope!! As someone who’s been waiting for 32 years, I am excited that there is so much research happening, and even if I don’t get the cure, I’m confident that others will … hope this helps give you HOPE!! Always, Joan


Hi akshay,
I’m also one of the person who been come to know the the status of being infected with hepatitis b… Still I’m not yet consulted any doctor… Because present I had an operation called hernia… It takes atleast 3 months to cure… Untill unless I can’t go out side on my own. But i can tell you what I have been researched on internet when I know I’m hbsag +ve.
We can live longer life like normal people for that we need to take care of diet and monitor our check ups for every 6 months. Taking medication and diet and exercise are must for us.

Cure : we are very near to cure and almost at the edge. Hopefully it can come before 2030. But not sure it will come with cure but still there is a lots of advances will come in managing hepatitis b. So, don’t worry about cure. Cure will come any time but even though we have been definitely get advanced drugs for managing hepatitis b.

Stay strong. Keep monitor your health.eat and exercise.


Dear Akshay,

I understand your frustration. As a senior HBV scientist and director of a drug discovery institute, I am intensely frustrated by the decades long under-investment in the HBV research needed for us to design a cure. However, things are much better now. Governmental investment in HBV research is up world-wide, and the biotech companies and major pharmaceutical companies are pouring billions of dollars into cure research. The number of different approaches being pursued to improve drugs, hopefully leading to a cure, is really remarkable. I am very optimistic that major improvements in HBV care are coming relatively soon. It is impossible to predict the pace of scientific or medical research as we are literally working in the unknown, but things are looking really good now. As Joan said, there is definitely Hope! I also encourage you to visit the Hepatitis B Foundation’s Drug Watch page. That is a great resource, and I use it myself regularly.

I wish you the best!!

John Tavis, PhD

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Tq sir for your kind reply. There is promising vaccine Thervacb whats ur opinion about it. Are we at the edge of cure?

Hi @akshay,

Yes, Thervacb has been mentioned a few times on the forum:

In summary, the initial data from laboratory studies is promising, but we need to wait for the clinical trial results to be sure whether it can be a potential cure or not, and importantly, if it is safe or not.