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Hey all thanks for accepting me into the group! My question is cause I’m all confused. In 2021 I tested positive for Hep b core ab IGG and IGM nothing else. Then went got retested 2 weeks later with different doctor only IGG was positive I’ve attached below all bloodwork from 2021 and then in 2024 I brought it up to the doctor again and they retested but only retested the core ab and if I was immune and the Viral load. why didn’t they check the surface antigen etc like 2021? I don’t know I’m so confused if someone could please Help id really appreciate it. I also have Crohn’s disease and on immunosuppressive infusions (I know not good for this) if it’s what I think. But they monitor my liver enzymes often since blood is constantly drawn and they have always been perfect only once was it ever borderline still within range but just at the top of the healthy range. So since I’m confused if someone could please look at these and interpret for me? Also The note from The second doctor saying concerned bout false positive was the one that retested the first ones r the first tests from another doctor after those are his that he redid about 2 weeks after those other ones came in. Never heard back from the guy though which messed me up I’m assuming for almost 3 years now. But all photos r in date order oldest to newest.
July 1st 2021
Hep B core AB IGM reactive,
Hep B core ab IGG Reactive.
Hep b surface antigen non reactive,
surface antibody non reactive.
Hep be ag non reactive,

hep be ab non reactive.

July 19th 2021 met with different doctor these are his notes before he retested what does it mean?Assessment/Plan:

  1. Hepatitis B core antibody positive, R76.8
    Patient appears to be low risk for hepatitis infection, will repeat hepatitis
    serologies concerned that we may be leading to a false positive. If positive
    will discuss with patient and hematology whether or not to monitor LFTs (He never did this by the way)
    and periodically monitor hepatitis B
    viral DNA versus entecavir/lamivudine prophylaxis given low risk. May need
    to get revaccinated
    Results to his retest :
    HBV IU/mL HBV Not detected

Log 10 HBV IU/mL Unable to calculate result since non-nuberic result obtained for component test. Test information:
The reportable range for this assay is 10 IV/mL to 1 billion IU/mL.

Hep B surface Antibody Qual : non reactive

HepBsaG screen negative

Hep be Ag Negative

Hep Be AB negative

Hep b core AB. Tot positive

Hep b core Ab IgM Negative

Why did IgM go away so quick from july first to the 19th?

November 2021 unrelated MRI I had done for an unrelated reason months after 2021’s positive test. They labeled it fatty liver to be exact the report says “There are some loss of relative signal intensity on out of phase imaging of the hepatic
parenchyma compared to in phase imaging compatible with some fatty infiltration of the
liver. No enhancing hepatic lesion is identified.
The portal and hepatic veins are patent.” Consistent with Fatty liver. could that be confused with Hep issues on liver or Hep b cause the fatty liver? Or is it just fatty liver and unrelated to Hep B ?

Now 2024 results

hepatitis B core AB total reactive

Hep b surface antibody non reactive

Hep b surface ab immunity :<5 not immune

Also 2024. Hep b virus DNA IU/mL :not detected

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