Having children and Hepatitis B

For what is worth, I have 3 kids and all are safe. I did date my wife for about a year before having kids.

But I didn’t know about my hepatitis b before having my kids. If I did know, I would be concerned as well.

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Thank you for sharing. That’s very nice!

I want to have kids eventually (I am 25) and I started looking at the risks for the mother and kid. I found a lot of info about the mother having HBV but nothing about the father. As a matter of fact, the only thing I could find is that as long the mother is vaccinated (and has developed antibodies) everyone is safe and I wanted to check.

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Agree. In the US, they test the mother during the pregnancy for hepatitis b and other conditions.

Maybe if she is vaccinated or she once cleared it as acute hep b carrier, she cannot pass it along??? I don’t know though. Just a guess.

At 25, I would focus on the 3-6s. 6 figure salary, 6 pk and 600 hp car. Lol. Best of luck.

There is no risk of direct father to child transmission prior to birth if the mother does not become infected during gestation. After birth, there is a risk of transmission, but it is very, very low and would require direct blood to blood contact between the father and child (such as if they were both cut simultaneously doing something and some of the fathers’ blood got in the child’s cut while he tended to her/his wound first – a very unusual scenario). Suppressing viral titers in the father by drug treatment would even further reduce the risk. The risk drops much more if the child is vaccinated right at birth (as is recommended). So basically, this is something to be aware of and manage, but certainly not something to block you from the joy of raising a family.

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If the mother has a high enough antibody titer against HBV (your doctor can tell you for sure after a simple blood test on the mother), then the child is protected from transmission at birth. Also, because some of the mother’s antibodies are transmitted across the placenta to the child, the child shares some of the mother’s immunity for a couple of months after birth!

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Thank you very much. Your answers are indeed very helpful!

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I just found out I am pregnant and currently am on Vemlidy. My doctor isn’t sure if I should continue it during pregnancy or not. I’m hoping someone can help advise me as I’ve waited 16.5 years for this pregnancy and don’t want to risk harming the baby. My info is below.

I was diagnosed with hep B in 1990 @ 6 years old. I’ve been on antiviral treatment for the last 17 years and am currently on Vemlidy with:

undetectable viral load.
Hep BE antigen +
Hep BE antibody -

Any information you can give me is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Dear @Sonshine4u,

Welcome to HepBCommunity and congratulations on your pregnancy. Regarding your question this is probably something that the @HealthExperts could provide some further information on.


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It is thought that Vemlidy is very safe to continue in pregnancy.
There is not much information specifically on Vemlidy as it is a new type of tenofovir, however there is a lot of information on its active component Tenofovir in pregnancy. For patients on any form of tenofovir it is recommended that the medication is continued in pregnancy as it keeps the mum well and prevents transmission of Hep B to the baby. Breast feeding is also fine. So don’t make any changes. All the best for your pregnancy.


Congratulations on your impending baby!! That is exciting news.

It is also really important to have your infant vaccinated against HBV at birth. Most countries recommend administering the first of the 3 vaccine doses right in the delivery room. Vaccination immediately after birth has been shown to be very effective at stopping transmission to the baby. Keeping your HBV very low with tenofovir-based drug plus vaccinating the infant is a great way to protect the little one!


Yes I agree with the other specialists that you should continue on your Tenofovir during pregnancy to reduce the risk of transmitting hepatitis B to your baby. Tenofovir has been taken during pregnancy by many women worldwide and it is thought to be very safe.
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Mark Douglas (Infectious Diseases Specialist)


Thank you all for your responses. I will be staying on the Vemlidy and registering with them so they’ll have more info regarding Vemlidy and pregnancy.


Dear Christy, it’s wonderful that so many doctors responded to your question about vemlidy and your pregnancy. But I want to reinforce what Dr. John Tavis wrote about making sure that your newborn receives the first dose of the hep b vaccine in the delivery room. And if possible, 1 dose of the HBIG (hep b immune globulin). It is very important to protect your newborn immediately after birth to prevent a possible infection from the hep b virus. You only have one chance. So that’s why the Hepatitis B Foundation recommends making sure that the 1st dose of hep b vaccine and 1 dose of HBIG is available in the delivery room so your newborn receives both shots soon after birth. Making sure of this AND taking vemlidy for the entire 9 months of pregnancy to keep your viral load as low as possible will definitely eliminate the risk of possible transmission.

Good luck with the pregnancy and keep us posted on how things go. And of course we’d all love to know whether you’re having a boy or a girl?!!! Always, Joan

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It’s still way to early to know if it’s a boy or girl. But my first ultrasound is on July 30th and I’ll know then if it’s just one or multiples. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll let y’all know when I find out. Thanks so much for all the replies!


Thanks Sonshine4u - we’ll be eager to hear what you learn. The first ultrasound is so exciting!!! Always, Joan

Hi everyone,

After completing the three shots of HBV (GenevacB) vaccine last year. My wife’s antihbs titre was 71miu/ml and 88miu/ml at 4 and 6 weeks respectively. Presently she is pregnant ( first trimester). Please, does pregnancy compromise or reduce the body’s antihbs titre? if so, is it safe that we continually engage in unprotected sex this period. Since I am still HBV positive.

Thanks and regards

Hi @Chisomcharles198,

This looks like your wife has responded well to the vaccination and is protected against HBV infection. I am not aware of any studies showing anti-HBs antibody titres going down during pregnancy, though this can perhaps be answered by one of our @HealthExperts.


I’m not aware of any study showing that anti-HBs titer decline during pregnancy. Even if this is the case, I do not think this would a major problem, cellular immunity will be likely to play also a major role.


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Thank you Dr. Thomas for your response. I am so grateful

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Thank you Prof. Pietro, I am grateful for your response.