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Hello Everyone, Greetings!

Thank you all for establishing this wonderful forum. I am Jacki, am medical school professor and a hepatitis B patient on long-term antiviral treatment. I have helped established an active FB patient group and a non-for-profit organization based in Taiwan. I have also been working with Hepatitis B foundation and the World Hepatitis Alliance.

Our main focus is to serve Chinese/Mandarin-speaking community, but we also help hepatitis patients globally.

Our FB group link is:

Our organization THICA_Taiwan website is:

Feel free to contact me for any questions. Best wishes,


Dear Jacki, thanks so much for joining the forum! We really need your expertise and experience living with hep b as well as being such a vocal advocate! Your professional background as a research scientist is truly welcome, too. The work that you’re doing in Taiwan to increase awareness and education about hep b and reaching out to those living with this disease is terrific. We’ll look forward to hearing more from you!! Always, Joan

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Indeed, welcome to the community Jacki and hope you can provide your expertise to our forum.


Thank you, Joan. It is wonderful to connect with you here. /Jacki

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Thank you, Thomas. I have heard a lot about your contribution to the hepatitis B research and patient advocate. It is great to have a forum like this. /Jacki

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