Getting difficulties to get hepatitis drug

I trust every one is well. Please l am a Ghanaian on the hip B drug. But l am not getting regular supply from the distributor who is based at ACCRA the capital of Ghana.l am not able to buy much because of financial issue but l try as much as possible to buy one and use for the month. But the time is due it becomes difficult to get it from the sole distributor in Ghana. My question is can make available at the other regional capital so that l can get some when l am in need.
Also , l need URGENT help on how to get some for use.Thank ypu

Dear @Ampomah,

Sorry to hear about this. I think @Kinoti had raised the possibility of trying other means: Thinking of death lately. I'm just not okay - #4 by Kinoti

Perhaps this could be an option?


Thank you .Is the efficacy the same as the hipB drug.Thank you

The TDF used against HIV is the same as the antiviral drug tenofovir used for Hep B.

Thank you.l consulted the foundation and the doctor said since the viral load is 1000.And he said the liver function test is also very good.There is nothing wrong with the liver So l should do l should do HipB profile for him to decide on as to use the drug or not
And l have been on the Tenafonor for two months won’t it create problem.
My decision to be on the drug is bring the load down drastically.Can you please advise me on this.Thank you


Dear @Ampomah,

Good to hear about your results, they are a good sign for your health.

Regarding your question: I think it is advised that if you have started taking antivirals, you should try to continue taking them until your doctor says otherwise.