EXPLAINER: Lab results and their interpretation


841 (H)


Hepatitis B E antibody is also positive and the hepatitis B E antigen is negative.

Hi Eddie,

This is pretty consistent with what you’ve said earlier. Your HBV DNA levels are pretty low, so transmission risk is also quite low. The DNA levels are so low that under the current guidelines you would not be recommended treatment (as long as your liver function tests and ALT levels are normal too).

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So that’s a good thing to know from what you saying. that’s interesting they don’t treat at that level but at that level what’s that process? the crazy thing is I got the hep b vaccine six weeks ago an then I got tested for it a few days ago being positive that would not interfere with anything right sorry for asking so many questions but I trust your answers

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No problem, @Eddie. It is a lot of information to take in and totally understandable.

The threshold is 3000 IU/mL. If you are above that, then the medication has some beneficial effect. If below that, then no great improvement unless it is to slow down active liver inflammation (which can be seen by liver function tests).


I see. so is my diagnosis way below that? Basically my rundown as what I sent you and I have a positive core anti-body an hbeag negative an hbe anti body positive does this favor me in the long run

Yes, correct. People with results like yours have a better prognosis and are less likely to progress in their liver disease (there are discussions in other threads about this, e.g. EXPLAINER: Lab results and their interpretation - #158 by Drew_rous).


Wow those HB E Antibodies being positive an HB E Antigen negative seems they play a very good role so that being said I should not worry so much it seems like I just take care of my self get my check ups my life should be good


Had a question I was reading that you can lose your hepatitis B E antigen antibodies I don’t think that’s true but just wanna make sure with you

It is possible (for example, if you become immunocompromised), but it is fairly uncommon to lose Anti-HBe antibodies.


I see thanks for the reply I have test coming up in the next six months but didn’t see a hbsag test or hbssg test of what the load is I see people have gotten that I live in the states is that something that needs to be checked or is called something different where I’m at for that type of test

So the discussion we talked about were talking about the same thing right? about the HBeag being negative and HBeab positive not about Hbsag hbsab right because that link doesn’t talk about Hbeag an Hbeab Just making sure what you said is right I do have advantages because of my HBeag- an Hbeab+
that gives me a better prognosis and led progression to any liver disease just to clarify

Yes, the advantage is from being anti-HBe positive and HBeAg-negative. Sorry, I included the wrong link. I meant this one: EXPLAINER: Lab results and their interpretation - #158 by Drew_rous.


Thanx Thomas for the reply if it is not too much to ask I live in the states and when they sent me my results my dna load is 841(h) an my viral load is 2.92 can you break this down for me to understand?

Yes, 841 means that the approximate number of viruses per mL of blood. 2.92 is just another way of expressing the value (841 = 10 to the power of 2.92).


So correct me if I’m wrong so that means out of being under the 2000 copies and US standards of treatment I’m only 841 copies pretty much from 2000 or viral load?

Yes, see a more detailed description of treatment criteria here: Why HBV DNA and HbsAg count - #5 by ThomasTu or


Thanks for that but this part caught me off guard does that mean this person doesn’t have an antibody for it? * If you’re HBeAg-negative and have a virus load over 2000 IU/mL, you should consider treatment

No, people are either:

  1. HBeAg-positive and Anti-HBe negative, or
  2. HBeAg-negative and Anti-HBe positive.

You are number 2.


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I see. the part that confused me is that if you were HBeag negative you still can get over the thresh hold viral load

Yes, correct. That’s why it’s important to keep monitoring to make sure you are under the threshold, or are treated if you go over the threshold.