EXPLAINER: Lab results and their interpretation

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Yes, your WBC and neutrophils are low. Do you have any current infection or are you recovering from a recent infection? That could cause your numbers to fall as WBC helps our bodies to fight infections and other ailments. Your liver function numbers are normal ALT/AST 20, 20 in 2022 and 24, 23 in 2023. Both within normal range, which makes me doubt that your lower WBC numbers has anything to do with your liver. Your platelet count is normal for both years. The range is between 150-400 and your 2023 results is 185 but was 230 in 2022. Some of these numbers can fluctuate from time to time, but 185 is still within the normal range.

Try having a conversation with your provider to dig further into what is causing you to have lower WBC and neutrophil count. Share your concerns with the provider about this, maybe he/she will need to do further testing on this.

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Hello I am Edd from Ghana. I’m a chronic Hep B carrier and as far as I know, was born with it. almost everyone in my extended family has it.
At the moment I take Tenovovir Alafinamide 25mg proscribed by my doctor.
Please can you explain these labs to me

Thank you very much for this informative platform.

Hi @Edd ,
Welcome to the platform and you take some time to look/view other discussions on here. Your results are great, HBV viral load was not detected (undetectable) meaning it is too low in your blood to be measured. It is a good thing. Your ALT/AST are also normal. The range for AST is 0-40 and yours is 33. ALT range is 0-41 and yours is 28. As you can see they are both within the normal range.

The medicine is doing its job, keep up with your treatment and follow-ups with your provider. You are doing a good job here. I hope this is helpful. By the way, Bonti was my dads middle name. That is just by the way. Best, bansah1.

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Dear @john,

There doesn’t seem to be anything in your blood results indicating any active liver damage given the normal values in the liver function test. The reduced levels of neutrophils may be caused by another condition, which might be outside the expertise of this group.

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Hello @Bansah1
Thank you very much for taking the time to explain this in detail. Now is have a much better understanding.

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