Evidence of in utero transmission

I was reading some updates from the latest ILC2022. Does anyone understand these slides better…

Does this mean babies can be infected with the virus during pregnancy?

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Dear Albasil808,

Yes, unfortunately, transmission of HBV from the mother to the unborn fetus can occur. In this scenario, TDF therapy in the mother is indicated with vaccination of the baby for HBV as soon as possible after birth (i.e. within hours).

I had attended this talk at EASL, and it was a bit confusing to me. It looked like to me like there might have been some alterations in the immune system for the unborn fetus, but not actual infection. Perhaps someone with better understanding could comment (@Suwang88; @simone.strasser)?

I Think so. @ Thomas Tu
I Have seen these slides from twitter of @Suwang88 . In my opinion, I think that TDF given in the 2nd trimester(14wk gestation) result in decrease of maternal HBV viral load& HBsAg level, so maternal Immune system and cytokines can eradicate virus effectively.In addition, there are increased level of IL10,IL 22 , IFN@2b&TNF@ in response to HBV vaccine in the newborn.So ,The vertical transmission is least likely and no need to use HBIG especially in resource limited settings .