Enquiries on hep b viral laod

I need some clarification on this. When a person is on Tenofovir from your experience how does it help to reduce the viral load. And l read some where if you use for some time and reduce it’s intake the virus will replicate.
Also, is it good to be on it and reduce it’s intake after the viral load has reduced or stop the use of tenofovir and stick maintaining healthy lifestyle. I am asking because of side effects of the drug. Which one is good for having a healthy life.Thank you

Hi Ampomah, thanks for your important question. Tenofovir is an antiviral drug that reduces replication (or reproduction) of the hep b virus, which is how it reduces the amount of virus circulating in your bloodstream to “undetectable” or at least below 1,000. It’s a drug that needs to be taken for at least several years, if not a lifetime. You can’t reduce or stop taking the drug. Otherwise, the hep b virus could come back with a vengeance - otherwise known as an acute liver flare. The only known major side effects of Tenofovir is bone loss and possible kidney problems. But these effects can be monitored by routine blood tests, which is why it’s important to be seen regularly by a knowledgeable doctor. Just so you know, I was on Tenofovir for more than 10 years, and only switched when I was 60 because I was developing osteoporosis. Since switching to another drug (Vemlidy), my bone loss has stopped and I’m rebuilding it through calcium supplements and exercise. I hope this helps. Look forward to hearing what others have to add!! Always, Joan

Hi Ampoma
I have read what Joan has advised you before me. I can’t agree with her more save to say we had a lengthy discussion on another trend on when to discontinue hep b treatment and definitely we agreed there’s no proper guidelines and the safest way is to continue for lifetime- unless you eleminate hepbsag.