Dry skin with an itchy rush

Is there any known relationship between dry skin with itchy rush and CHBV? I have had the same for over 6 months now…anti-inflamation, antifungal and antibacterial drugs (oral and applied) are not helping. Am not on any CHBC drugs and have been checked e months ago routinely by a gaestro…


Do you take any anti-HBV drugs (like tenofovir or entecavir)?

Not yet on treatment. Doc said lab results don’t warrant that I begin treatment

In winter - skin on my hands/fingers was usually getting very dry, up to a point when it was cracking and showing small bleeding.
It seems that it’s not so severe anymore since I’ve started taking TAF.

Skin issues do happen with hepatitis B - you can read some more also here:

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Thank you. Good read. Actually, using baseless me has really helped

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Good article to read. My husband just started his antivirals and he is still jaundice and cannot stop itching! I have been buying him Cortizone10 cream to help. Does anyone know how long the itching may last?

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