Deciding when to start treatment

Stop eating sugars and carb. It’s hard, but I cut it down to almost 80% of my previous intake. Stop eating processed sugar/sweet foods. Replace it with fruits. Stop eating processed food where it’s all carbs. If you are eating over 100gr of processed carbs a day, then it’s no good.

Change your diet, fast throughout the day, and just struggle for about a month. AND exercise (walk, run, lift weights,etc) about an hour and see how your body changes in a month

Hi Joan,

Thanks for clarifying about liver spots. After I started antivirals and I would get little bumps and whole body itching, they left little dark spots. Sometimes there would be bumps that turned into spots and sometimes there would just be spots with no bumps. Over time, a lot of the spots went away but I still have some of them. I was bedridden for the first 3 months of antivirals, so it definitely wasn’t the sun.

I just assumed that because I had “liver” disease and started getting all these “spots” with itching after starting treatment, that they must be “liver spots”… lol

You know what happens when you assume. In this case though, it only made one out of ME.

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Question? I was reading about genotypes of hep b but I think @ThomasTu said that does not matter does it?

With respect to treatment with tenofovir or entecavir, virus genotype doesn’t matter.