Confusing Lab result and statement

Hi @Aria_Wrenn,
This result is saying or showing that the amount of virus in the blood is so low that it cannot be measured. Which is a good thing meaning this person is undetectable. It does not mean they do not have HBV. They still have HBV, only that the amount of virus in their blood cannot be measured at this time. I hope this clears any confusion you might have here. Thanks, Bansah1

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Agree with @Bansah1, and wanted to add that if this person is on antiviral treatment, then it is exactly the result that you expect (and want!). Yes it does mean that the antivirals work that well as suppressing the virus replication. But, just to reiterate the important point, antivirals need to be taken every day to keep this suppression active: if you stop taking them, the virus will start replicating again and you will see an increased HBV DNA load (and possible liver damage).

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