Can anyone help me with my results

Hello @Bansah1

Thank you so much for your clarification and explanation. It means a lot to me!

Yes you have said it all, the anxiety and depression gets on me sometimes.
Also because I am still living with my family I am worried about them and trying to explain to them to go get vaccinated so I can at least worry about myself alone but I do understand how most African parents think/feel about vaccines these days.
And also I am worried and hope I have not infected anyone in my family because in the past when I haven’t gotten tested for Hep B I shared knives and other things with my family and I remember sometimes my mother braids (and still do braid my hair) and wipe away the blood from wounds from too tight braids.

This leads me to a serious question, if an uninfected person touches the blood of an Hep b person and wash their hands later will they be okay ? And if an Hep B person use knife and mistakenly cut his fingers and later washed and clean the knife can other people use same knife after it has been washed and cleaned ?

And besides blood what are the body fluids that can transmits Hep B to an uninfected person ?

Apologies for any inconveniences and thank you so much for your time, consideration and explanation.

I will try to worry least and care more about myself and health.
With so much gratitude and appreciation

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Hi @John,
My guess is you are in Nigeria, right? If so, we do have some patient advocate (s) in Nigeria that might be helpful in talking to your parents/family about the importance of getting tested and vaccinated. Hepatitis B is very common and prevalent in Africa.

In order to infect someone, the infected blood has to find its way into the other person’s system (body). For example, for your mother to get infected your blood has to enter her system via an opening somewhere. To avoid any of these issues, vaccination is the best way. Fluids such as blood, semen etc. Saliva, kissing, sharing utensils, eating together, and sharing a bed etc does not lead to HBV transmission. There has to be an exchange of the infected blood, and not just the mere presence of blood if it makes sense. Thanks, Bansah1.

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Hello @Bansah1

Yes please I am in Nigeria.
A patient advocate will be helpful but I would first like to try again to talk to my parents/family.

Do your patients advocates have offices/centers or places they can be reached in Port Harcourt, Nigeria ?

And do your patients advocate do testing, vaccination and treatments of Hep B ? If yes I would be glad to get connected because the cost of treatment is quite expensive for me.

Yes please, your explanation makes sense to me! And thank you so much for your careful response to my worrying questions.

With so much gratitude and appreciation.

This person is a fellow patient but has been trying to help when necessary. @Prince_Okinedo can you please respond or jump in here regarding whether you know of anyone that can help help here. Sure, it’s worth trying again with them. Best, Bansah1.


Thanks @Bansah1 for the prompt. I’ll be glad to connect with our brother. He can reach me on +2347066233745.

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Thank you so much @Bansah1 and @Prince_Okinedo . I really appreciate!

Hi all,

I’m not sure if I’m using this forum correctly. But I was told this week that I have hep-B. This has been very hard for me emotionally but I’m also very confused. I had the hep b vaccines between 2004 and 2005. I also found paperwork from 2008 saying that I had immunities. My lab results are confusing and I would really like another opinion. I’m trying to get a consult with another doctor but to ease my anxiety, I was wondering if someone could help.

Hep B core AB non reactive
Hep B surface antigen reactive
Hep B antibody 101.7
Hep A AB total non reactive
Hep C non reactive.

Thank you for your time and understanding!

Hi @bb4,
Welcome to the community and I am sorry to hear about all this confusions with your results. You are correct, in that the results shows you do have antibodies against hepatitis B which you got from the vaccination. You cannot have hepatitis B and have antibodies against it at the same time. My thought here is that the surface antigen test is a false positive. This happens at times. Try and let your provider run the surface antigen test with confirmation the next time. I won’t worry too much especially since your results shows you have a healthy antibody count. I hope this helps, Bansah1.

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