Barriers to Treatment and Care for People Living with Hep B

Hi everyone,

We are seeking participants to complete a survey as part of a research study

Complete a survey that aims to find out what can stop people from getting appropriate treatment and care for their hepatitis B

If you are living with hepatitis B, are over 18 years old are a member of the online forum (, you are invited to complete a 15-20 minute survey in English about your experiences with being diagnosed with Hepatitis B, the impacts of the hepatitis B on your life, what you know about it, and how you feel about check-ups and treatment.

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Participants living in Australia will receive an AU $20 e-gift voucher to acknowledge your time and effort for taking part in the research study.


Dear all,

I would like to encourage you all to complete this survey (and others hosted on the site). It’s a great way to have an input into research and let more people understand what it is like having hepatitis B.

Your participation in these studies becomes really important to try to change laws and policies to improve affected communities based in evidence. Not everyone can march and protest in the street, but most of you can fill in a short questionnaire!

Also, support for this platform depends, in part, on its usefulness in being a way to develop science. If the field sees this community as a simple way to recruit for surveys and trials, then this makes it much easier for the leadership group and me to justify why it needs financial support.

We are mostly volunteer-run: if you have found our platform useful, this would be a really simple way to give back - plus you may be able to receive a gift-card (we can only do this for Australians at the moment).