Are gastroenterologist also expert for HepB

Sir @ThomasTu
In my province there is no Hepatologist near us. We only have Gastroenterologist to go for check up?.are gastroenterologist are as good as Hepatologist?

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Hi @iamjen,

A gastroenterologist should still be able to help you, yes. Perhaps it is worth talking to the Yellow Warriors advocacy group about this as they are based in the Philippines (@YellowWarriorsPH).

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for the reply dr. @ThomasTu
I have one more thing to ask sir, is this antiviral the same with the one you are taking everyday?

By the way I was diagnosed year 2020,but later on i learned that i got this since birth. I went for check to a gastro, then he just requested limited test for me, and it did not bothered me, since i did not know how serious this disease is. He just made a brief interpretation about my liver ultrasound, he just said your liver is ok, and you have the antibody…just like that, i did not even know my viral load,.So his little explaination ,made me thought that this disease is not really serious, I tried to take medication, but just for 1 month only because it made me feel a liitle dizzy, and felt a little discomfort, so I stoped.After then I have not visited the doctor again. And just a month ago , my sister died , because of liver disease, and that scared me, I had anxiety, i got stressed and im in 3rd trimister in pregnancy. So, now i realized how serious this disease is, I spent all my day searching in internet about hepb, searching organization that has a heart for this disease. I got a relief when I found this forum. I learned so much information from here. My worries now is my unborn baby. Sorry for my english. Thank you.


i am from karachi if you need any information

this medicine is ok but better take TAF made by Gilead science, that is also available in karachi

don’t be scared, this disease can be managed with medicine and your baby need vaccine with in 24 hours of birth inshAllah baby will be fine

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Dear @iamjen,

As mentioned in the other thread, this is the appropriate medication to treat Hepatitis B.

You should strongly consider continuing to take the medication and not stop unless your doctor tells you it is appropriate. It is particularly important now during your pregnancy to lower your viral load as well as have the baby vaccinated and provided with HBIG very soon after birth so that they are not infected with Hepatitis B.

Sometimes side-effects you associate with antivirals can be managed by altering when you take them (night vs. morning) or relative to taking food (before, during, or after). You can try altering the routine to see what works best for you.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for that info bro. God bless you

Thank you for taking time to reply to my concern sir @ThomasTu

I have talk to a gastroenterologist just today sir through virtual consultation. I ask him some advice what should I do to check my hepB status.And he sent me a request for lab test.

are these tests enough sir to check my HepB status?
I saw some post here, others have ALT test ,etc…and i dont have that kind of test in my lab test request
Hope to hear from you sir,

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Hi @iamjen ,

These are appropriate tests and will give a good indication of how your body is going with the infection. Sgpt is just another name for alt.

There are some places that will do a liver function test, which is a broader panel of tests of general liver function.