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Hi, im a singaporean male age 27 and i was tested reactive for Hep B Antigen and non reactive for Hep B Antibodies. Im currently waiting for the subsequent blood test to reveal if im acute or chronic, viral load etc.
Previously, i experienced no symptoms and the only reason i discovered this is thru a routine STD test. I had unprotected sex earlier in the year & im guessing thats how i got it. Would like to check if i am asymptomatic, is it more likely that i will develop chronic hep b? or does it just mean my viral load is low?

Also, i have seen online that 90% of adults are able to fully recover from this. Is this really true?

I also have a new gf. we’ve been together for 2months. We didnt have sex but we make out & she did her wisdom tooth extraction last month. What is the likelihood she will catch it from me?